About Polit Farms
The Polit Family is proud to offer you our organically grown rice products. We've taken special care to insure the finest quality possible.

Grown in the northwest corner of California's upper Sacramento Valley, we're isolated from the vast commercial rice growing areas. The foothills of the Cascade mountain range provide soil that is deep and fertile. The water shed of the Shasta Trinity Alps brings water that is clean, cool, and pure.

The farming methods we use been used for centuries. The soil is built by natural mulching, crop rotation, and cover crops such as purple vetch. This provides a rich soil that is alive and full of nutrients. Only natural methods are used and we follow strict organic farming methods.

Our rice is allowed to dry naturally in the field to approximately 18% moisture. This allows the kernels on the plant to ripen and mature so there are fewer green and immature kernels. The rice is always stored with the protective outer husk.

Later the rice is removed from the bins and taken to our custom-built brown rice mill. This mill has specialized milling equipment to remove the outer husk without scratching the nutritious bran layers of our Organic Brown Rice. We only mill when there are orders to fill, so our rice is as fresh as possible.

Polit Farms, Inc. has been growing and processing rice since 1983, providing years of experience in Organic rice production. California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) of Santa Cruz, California certifies our organic rice. We hope you will enjoy this exceptional rice. We invite your comments.
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