Depositing Rice Into the Bankout wagon
Polit Farms Custom Mills
Harvest and Milling
Before rice harvest can begin, the fields must be drained. Once the fields are dry, state-of-the-art harvesters enter the fields to collect the perfectly ripe grain. Because quality is so important, these harvesters are designed to both gently and rapidly bring the grain in from the fields. Specialized tractors called bankout wagons come alongside, receiving the rice and delivering it to waiting trailers so the harvesters can continue without having to stop to unload. Moisture level of the rice kernels determines the timing of rice harvest. We allow our organic rice to mature naturally out in the field. We harvest our rice at 18% to 20% moisture so there are less immature kernels.

Drying and Storage
Once the rice is harvested from the fields, it is then taken to our aerated farm storage bins and dried to 13% - 14% moisture. Our rice is dried with air only; no gas-fired heat is used. We monitor the temperature of our storage bins to keep the rice fresh and insect-free. There are two methods for treating for insects. One method is to replace natural air with carbon monoxide. The other method is using beneficial insects.

When rice is harvested it has a non-edible husk or hull surrounding the kernel. Most large scale rice mills were specifically designed to mill white rice. Polit Farms Rice Mill was custom designed and built so we can produce the best possible rice available. The rice is brought into our custom mill, where it is processed through our rubber roller Sheller, and our custom cleaner and meticulous sorting machine. Polit Farms goal is to be as gentle as possible with our brown rice, to insure the quality on the finished product. All of our rice is milled to order to insure the freshest rice possible
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